Work Permit Extensions
Suppose you are currently working as a foreign worker in Canada. In that case, you may be eligible for changing the conditions or apply for a work permit extension if you request it a minimum of 30 days before the permit’s expiration.
This application is only valid for already existing work permit holders. To apply for a work permit, you can read more about:
What changes in conditions can be made in the work permits?
Foreign workers in Canada may be eligible to apply for changes in:
In which cases can you apply for a work permit extension?
Foreign workers in Canada may be eligible to file for a work permit extension:
Note : Post Graduate Work Permits are not extendable in nature, and the application will fail.
Steps to apply for a Canada work permit extension or change in conditions?
Make sure you have access to a scanner or camera and a valid method of payment, and gather all required documents.
Fill the online tool’s answers and get the document checklist to extend or change the work permit conditions.
Create your IRCC account and sign in.
Pay the related fees – The fee for this type of application is a minimum 155$, excluding any third-party expenses.
Fill all the needed forms and submit all the documents.
Wait for the approval and receive the new permit.
Apply for a Visa to travel in and out of Canada if you need to.
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