Apply For Study Permit
Most international students require a study permit issued by the IRCC to study in Canada. This permit, along with a student visa, allows them to enter and then stay in Canada for study.
A study permit is required in almost all study cases except if you are appearing for preschool, attending a complete distance learning program, taking non-academic/non-professional courses, or taking a course which is six months or less in duration.
Eligibility Requirements for a Study Permit in Canada
Letter of Acceptance
You need to acquire a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
Minimum Fund Requirements
You need to show sufficient funds for the first year’s
IRCC may require Police Clearance Certificates and Medical Tests to prove you are admissible in Canada.
You must satisfy Canadian authorities that you will leave Canada after completing your studies or till after your PGWP expires.
If you satisfy these requirements, you can follow these steps to apply for a Canadian study permit.
Make sure you have access to a scanner or camera and a valid method of payment, and gather all these required documents • Valid Passport • Letter of Acceptance • Minimum Proof of funds (GIC, Bank Statements for the last four months, Proof of payment of tuition etc.) • Letter of Explanation – Explaining your purpose for coming to Canada.
Fill the online tool's answers and get the document checklist for the study permit.
Create your IRCC account
Pay all the related fees, including • Biometrics • Processing • Language Testing • Medical Exams • Police Certificates
Fill all the needed forms and submit all the documents
Wait for the Study Permit Canada approval and submit your passport to the nearest Visa Application Centre in your country after receiving the passport request.
Getting a Study Permit Extension
Your study permit usually lasts until the length of your study program and 90 extra days. These additional days allows you to either extend your stay or leave Canada. The study permit extension time is usually between 1 – 2 months. You may apply for a study permit extension to stay and study in Canada if you fall under one of these situations:
Getting a Study Visa
A Study permit gives you permission to stay in Canada, but you would need a visitor visa or an eTA to enter the country, which is also known as a student visa Canada.
Are you already applying for a Study Permit/Study Permit Extension from outside Canada?
If you’re applying for a study permit/Study Permit Extension, then a separate application for a student visa is not needed. You’ll be automatically asked to submit your passport and will be granted a study visa once your study permit is approved.
Want to apply for a Student Visa from inside Canada?
You may want to travel back and forth from Canada when you’re studying here, and doing so would require a valid student visa to enter Canada again. You may have to apply for a Student Visa by itself if:
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